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Outsourcing your network security

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Find out how protecting your organisation might be improved by outsourcing network security to a third party.

Network security is really about safeguarding your network and everything on it. The objective is to make sure that your network is safe from users who aren't permitted to be there and accessible to those who are authorized. This is now always a simple task . Every network has unique devices connected to it, has unique access and authentication requirements, and the organisations using the networks are all constrained by various sets of rules and regulations that specify what is required in terms of protection.

What makes network security so important?

Because your entire business is run through a network, network security is crucial. Even with a company that is primarily cloud-based, access to company and customer data still depends on a network. If your network isn't properly maintained and secured, you put yourself at risk for both regulatory fines and penalties as well as data breaches.

The challenge is that a contemporary IT network is a complicated system. More than merely computers and printers are now involved. In addition to extending to the cloud, it now encompasses all connected devices (such as tablets and phones) and any IoT equipment that your company either utilises or depends on. Every connected device should be secured because it may be a point of entry for hackers.

However, the risk extends beyond fines and penalties. Data breaches might undermine your customers' trust in your company. Both present and potential clients start looking for more secure options as a result of that loss of confidence.

Advantages of outsourcing network security

For IT teams who are already overbooked with duties and tasks, the complexity of a contemporary network security system can be too much to handle. This is why  it may be advantageous to outsource network security. By hiring a managed services provider (MSP) to handle your IT requirements, such as network security, you can be sure that a team of people, rather than one or two people, are responsible for maintaining the security of your IT infrastructure.


You're looking at people who are experts in their fields when working with an outsourced workforce. An MSP can offer a whole team of experts who not only have practical experience but also dedicate time to learning about current trends and threats, what the next big thing is going to be, and even the specifics of your particular industry. Your internal team may only have one person who is knowledgeable about network security.

Cost Saving:

With a MSP, you can hire a whole team to protect your company for around the same price or much less, as one in-house IT specialist. Additionally, a team as a whole is providing all the above mentioned knowledge for you. This means that you're getting greater, more strategic network coverage than you might with an additional in-house tech employee.


Both you and your customers depend on the stability of your network. You might lose clients and revenue if your network is constantly offline due to cyberattacks or other problems. With a MSP team you can rely on, you can ensure your network's stability will be steadfast.  An MSP ensures that you are constantly protected by providing you with professionals that are constantly watching and monitoring your network to prevent any little issues from becoming major ones.

Legalities and Compliance:

Even if you have extensive industry experience, compliance and regulations are probably still tricky. Every industry has its own set of laws and regulations that companies must adhere to, and increasingly, depending on the counties or states your company operates in.

As a result, ensuring compliance requires its own full-time position. By using an MSP to assist with network security, your company will have access to the regulatory information it needs to always be fully compliant.

Interested in learning more about outsourcing network security?

Working with an MSP to assist with your network security requirements means working with a team of professionals dedicated to keeping you, your company, and your clients protected at all times. A managed services agreement gives you access to a degree of expertise, knowledge, and experience that is difficult to find otherwise. Additionally, a MSP, while protecting your network today, is constantly on the lookout for new and various cyber attacks , and always looking for various methods for improving the overall network security of your organization.

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